Friday, November 4, 2011

Talk about frost on the pumpkin....

Its been a while.....

I wish I had a good excuse for why I haven't posted over the last six weeks, but it probably just comes down to the old "don't think too big thing".  I had wanted to write a few more things about the wedding and the honeymoon and then the trip back, but I couldn't seem to get everything I wanted to have.  So instead I let it sit and then I got stuck.

But I remembered what I really enjoyed about this blog and that was just trying to write spontaneously and not thinking too much about everything being perfect.  Thats what'll be going on from here forward.

I have been around for a while and I have seen a lot of weird stuff, but I have never seen anything to match this (at least not in October)

Snow in October,  not just flurries mind you, but genuine Nor'Easter.

It it just me or when you hear the word nor'easter doesn't that guy from the old Pepperidge farm commercials come to mind.....

I left the Eastern End of Long Island on Saturday morning to heavy rain by the time I got to the Bronx it was snowing, but not sticking.  about ten miles west of home it got ugly.   Really ugly.

The wet heavy snows had landed on the all of the still leaf laden trees and knocked down tree limbs one of which ripped my electric meter right off the house.  I wasn't alone, most of the our neighborhood was without power for a while.

The damage to trees in the area was truly amazing.  The figure I heard was that one in seven trees lost at least some branches. and I dont doubt it.  Many trees were so heavily damaged they will probably have to be cut down.

 We have been without for 7 days now.  The first few days were spent in exile on Long Island, but I came back on Tuesday to survey the damage.  A foot of water in the basement from (no sump pump) and a refrigerator of rotten food.  Fortunately our neighbors did get power back so we have the basics refrigerator, hot water, some lights and of course cable and internet.  I think the house could be on fire and my children wouldn't notice until the internet went off.

We got the damage repaired to our service and now we are waiting (hopefully) for the return of full power.  The electric company promised it tonite.  but when they say that tonite runs until tomorrow morning that gets me a little worried.

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