Monday, September 12, 2011

Seriously People.......

Well me and the Mrs are back (I am still having getting trouble getting used to that). I will be regaling everyone with wild tales of before, during and after wedding activities.

People you have all been tremendously generous, not just with your kind thoughts, your presence at the wedding and your wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

Now cut it out already.

While we were on honeymoon, I got a Facebook post from a somewhat concerned Maddie.

If you remember the pile of gifts from a few weeks ago.  Well it has become worse.

Much much worse.

(Though Krissy would say better)

Krissy and I spent a good bit of Sunday afternoon going through all of the newer arrivals.  My children may be disappointed (or thankful), but all of those boxes only produced a great assortment of holiday china and dishware.

The real battle was cleaning up and putting away the empties.  Let me just say this.  If you are planning on going over Niagara Falls,  you may want to have Crate and Barrel pack you up before you go over. You will be well protected.

And yes the empties are stacked to the kitchen ceiling.

Finally everything is sorted through. A giant load of cardboard for recycle, and Krissy has about a mile of bubble wrap for her own pack up and move from her old place in the city.

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