Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Removing Watermarks

True to my earlier promise, I am showing one of the little projects I did around the house,

I like this table a lot, it's restaurant grade,  The pedestal is made of solid steel and weights like 150 lbs,  there are no legs so it is very comfortable to sit around.

Unfortunately it also has some very massive watermarks.  A few attempts at removing them have yielded almost no results.

I tried mayonnaise - bupkus.

I also tried hair dryer-  ditto on bupkus

But I recently read about using a clothes iron to remove them

Basically just lay a cloth on top of the watermark, (no steam, we are trying to remove water afterall)

I used it on high heat,  I put it on for somewhere around a minute then checked.  The big stains took about 7 or eight passes, the smaller ones one or two.

The only thing I would be careful of it to not use too much heat, it seems to soften the finish if you do

and viola she is done.

I removed the biggest one myself, then inspired by my success I got Mora to do one of the smaller ones.  The video and sound quality isn't great but she makes up for that in cuteness, and  she actually did remove the watermarks.


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