Monday, September 19, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Changes......

I was hoping that after the wedding we would have some time to catch out breath and gently settle into our lives here at Exit 42A.
However, Krissy and I have some stuff going on.

We are slowly but surely trying to digest the enormous hoard of wedding presents that we have so generously received.  It seems like the gift train may finally be over, the UPS man stopped in front of the house yesterday and actually dropped off something at someone else's house.

I think I saw Krissy shed a tear.

On top of that, Krissy's lease runs out at her old place in Manhattan at the end of this week and we need to finish packing her up and move her out here to New Jersey.

Having said that we are going to have a little bit of work here, integrating my stuff and Krissy's.

The kids have just started school to and we are slowly trying to work them (and us) into a routine as well.

On other fronts I am in the middle of a substantial basement renovation,  I have also committed to getting both Mora and Maddie room redos.

On top of THAT,  Krissy and I have been so busy with wedding activities over the summer that a lot of day to day stuff has gone untended,  I have visited my vegetable garden all of three times this summer.  Even though I only got stuff by glomming from other gardeners, I still have to do my fall cleanup and get out in the next few weeks.  My own home garden is a mess of weeds.  Fortunately they will die, but fall cleanup is soon upon us as well.  The torrential rains we had washed off all the deer repellent and they have had a field day munching on my hostas for a last few weeks.  Branches from Hurricane Irene are still all over the yard and need to get picked up.

Plus Krissy and I have a little side project that will remain under wraps for now.

Its life, but I wish things would just settle a little bit sooner.

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