Monday, January 31, 2011

Time to Re-relaunch

How the time does fly.

Hope everyone out there had a great holiday.

Mine were excellent,  I really found myself enjoying them.  Probably more than I have for quite a while.  I have to confess even if I do say so myself that I did myself up pretty proud in the giving department.  My son Alex is always tough, but even he walked away from Christmas pretty satisfied. 

I didnt hurt that I had a pretty awesome Santa's helper.

So Christmas is past and gone,  all that remains are the outdoor lights which may be permanently frozen to my trees outdoors.  One of these days I may get to them on the other hand, they may just become a permanent fixture, like the lights I put up LAST year,  which I just chopped up with the snow blower the other day.  Or the lights from a few years ago which my cherry tree is now starting to grow around.

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