Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I dont Understand.......

Recently I bought some new Calvin Klein underwear. 

I know, pretty Homo,  but seriouly the last pair I had was terriffic.  They were snug in the right places and loose in the others.  So on a recent Costco expitition I bought a few more pairs,

They had two unusual innovations.

THe first was a thong built into boxer briefs.  This is sort of like a banana hammock for your John Thomas built into the boxers.  While I appreciate the extra wiggle room for my Holmesian girth  this seems a bit silly.

The second innovation was the absence of a pee flap.  This is the little flap in the crotch area where the aforementioned little fellow can be unleashed when going to the bathroom.  The first time I realized this was when I was standing at the urinal at work and fumbled around in my trousers until some of the other patrons began to get the wrong idea.

These two innovations seem to be somewhat at odds with one another.  On one hand it in fact men (other than me) are having great success with all of this enhancement medication and would need expanded real estate down there,  they would also need a larger flap not no flap at all.

It is now part of the new metrosexual ethos to only pee sitting down?

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