Friday, September 3, 2010

Artisanal = Something made by someone with a college degree when all you need is a high school degree

Words are interesting to me,  I look at at then and wonder..... how the heck did that word come to be.

More often than not, I also wonder who is making a buck off this and how do I get a piece of the action.

One example which has been getting into my craw of late is the word artisanal.

Now I haven't looked it up,  (so I will probably get myself into trouble righ quick) but artisanal means something like made by artisans.  The only problem with this is where the heck does the whole al suffix come into play.  If bread is made by a baker,  you dont say bakeral bread.  you just say baked bread (or more simply bread.

This seems to just be the latest dopey word that some joker on Madison Ave has created to justify craploads more for buying something.  I do notice that things that are artisanal have a few distinct characteristics:

First are foremost,  things that are artisinal have be sort of  asymetrical and lumpy looking,  so do they have some sort of asymetrical or lumpy pots to achieve this effect,  second, they have to have some sort of sign that human hands touched it.  Sometimes making it sort of lumpy fits the bill, other times they have to make some sort of little cut marks in it.  Thirdly it has to be sort of funny looking and have some sort of detritus of the cooking process stufk on it, like the flower in the above picture.

Now I was going to post a whole long rant on how artisinal was a dopey word, but then I realized that the adjectival form of my own profession is actuarial,  come to think of it, adjectival  has the whole al thing working on the end as well.

Cant we just go with Yummo as an descriptive. 

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