Friday, September 3, 2010

Got a few minutes, thought I would blog

Yet another 10 minute bloggin exercise,  Lets see how I do.  The new name of this blog is Caveat Lector which approximately translates to reader beware or reader be careful, there is something tricky coming down the pike.  I think the latter definition applies more than the former.

Took Krissy out for her birthday and we had an awesome time.  The restaurant was a place called Minetta's Tavern,  It was on MacDougall Street which was just off Sixth Avenue.  I will leave a description of the food for Krissy who does a much better job of it than I do anyway, but what really struck me was the whole MacDougall St milieu,  It reminded a lot of some of the streets in Philadelphia, it was narrow with a lot of tall brick rowhouses on either side of the street and lined with a lot of old restaurants that seemed to have been there for like a hundred years.  I guess as Krissy said little Itlay is long tone, but this had the feel of some sort of fortoeen outpost.

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