Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cheetos for Dinner

In keeping with the fact that it's Krissy's birthday today, I am making some resolutions.

Not making any sense, just work with me here.

1.  I resolve that I will not play spider solitaire nearly as much as I do now.  that means no more playing at home, ever.  I just have way too much to do, and too many people that I would rather spend time with.  I have to admit its seductive with the movement of the cards and the final big finish.  Its like your doing some sort of precise tidy, where the end result is perfection.

But the end result is that you feel bleary eyed and unsatisfied, just like eating cheetos for dinner.

Begone I say to you.

The second thing is that I resolve that I will never bring my Ipad to bed with me.  (alright stop snickering).  The reason is the same reason that I will never have a tv set in there, it keeps me from the valuable business of sleeping. 

Now dont get me wrong I love my Ipad,  But do I really need to watch all of season I of Dead Like Me at 1:00 AM on a work night,  apparently on Tuesday, I thought so. 

Having said that, it was actually pretty interesting.  It sort of reminded me of a lot of the HBO comedy series, portraying normal people is sort of strange situations, to sort of create a way of discussing normal situation.  Surprising it only got cancelled after seasons,  but probably good for me from a sleep perspective.

Well that's it (for now)  Its Krissy's birthday tontie and I am going to take her to someplace called Minetta's Tavern.  When I was a kid I worked at a place called Bonanza, which was next door to a place called Minella's Main Line Diner.  Awesome place;  sadly the Bonanza couldn't hold a candle to it.  I still remember those polyester shirts we wear,   That thing was so synthetic, it was like wearing latex.  I'll bed some acne nosed teen is still wearing out there somewhere.

See Ya

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