Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ten minute blogging drill

One of the goals I have in doing this blog is to write faster and more concisely, to this end (as I have already mentioned) I am trying to keep editing to a minimum. What I am also trying to do is to keep the actual time I spend blogging to a minimum as well. Beginning to end this posting will be written for about ten minutes, then submitted as is.

Today, is the last day of an extended honeymoon, not with my girlfriend, that honeymoon goes on ;-). Rather it is the end of my current honeymoon with food,

Last year, after the end of a bad and somewhat toxic relationship, I finally started getting my health life back to a point where I wanted it to be, I lost about 30lbs and started excercising gradually and felt like I might actually get to where I wanted to be which was with my weight somewhere around where it was when I graduated college (about 240).

But with summer love came summer eating styles, too much tv watching, too many carbs, my new job has created a few challenges for exercising, though truth be told NYC is an exciting place just to walk around and look at the buildings.

Too make a long story short, I probably picked up about 15 of the 30 lbs that I lost in the last few months, much of it in the last six weeks when I just sort of let the bottom drop out food wise.

Today however, is going to be the end of the party (or depending on how you think of it the beginning of the party) Krissy and I are going out in some sort of fancy schmancy restaurant in the city, then she and I are both going back on the wagon.

So what is going to happen
1. Try to get 40 minutes to an hour of excercise every day, (even if it is just walking) Maybe get back on the Nordic Trak.

2. Knock off all of the carbs. This is really the hardest one for me, Its also what works. Adieu Pretiola ;-(

3. Get back to taking vitamins every day. This just seems to ennervate me.

4. Get one of those lamps that keeps away Seasonal Affective Disorder (alluded to in my last post).

Thats about it for now, I completed this post with one minute to go (yeah me)

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