Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Construction Mayhem

Excitement is brewing over in my next door neighbor Patrick's yard.

Here are some pics to give you an idea....

Hes putting in a patio right now, plus leveling out the property. Its going to look beautiful, when its all done.  One thing which was a little depressing is that he had quite a few plants which basically got smooshed with all of the backhoeing going on.  Had I known I would have made a late night acquisition.

However after the first day of construction I heard a cry of "help me" coming from behind his house.

Lo and behold I found these hosta's lying comatose on his back lawn.

Now truth be told, these look like crap, but remember they were buried in a patch of weeds for like a thousand years, and them they got dug up by a backhoe and flipped over a dozen times.

Try it and see how you look. 

Its just me, but I do have a thing for found plants, sometimes more than I have for the ones I pay a ton of money for.  These are now planted and we'll see how they do.

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