Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The neutral zone

The fence
I have this part of my property which technically speaking isnt my property.  Do you remember Joe and Terry.  Well as I have mentioned previously, they are a teensy weensy bit anti-social.  One of the bits of evidence of that is that we had a fence between our properties (chain link, functional, not beautiful, but no ugly either).  Apparently that wasn't quite enough for them, so they just put in a new taller wood fence so they can pretend they live in Idaho.  Because I thought two fences looked really stupid (and the fact that I couldn't pull the weeds between the fences) I pulled out my chain link fence.  In the process I have picked up about 2 feet of property which is sorta mine, but sorta not.

This is my only real "new" plant in the neutral zone....

I just have no idea what it is

Its large about 8 feet tall,  it gets so-so white flowers in the Spring and it just came out with these pretty red berries,  In the fall I get some nice red color on the leaves as well.

Any ideas on what it is?

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