Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That's a nice boulder.........

Last weekend I introduced my son to the stress relieving powers of serious anaerobic exercise.

A few years ago I used to move rocks around my back yard whenever I was feeling stressed out.

I relieved a LOT of stress.

Alex being a bit of a neophyte to all this wanted to use a hand truck to help not realizing that the point is not actually to move the rock.  Teenagers.

Anyway,  I have had this patch of weedy day lilies in the back forty for about a bazillion years.  Now I don't mind days per se, but the problem is the area is too shady.  So after a 3 month buildup,  (they are among the first things to come up in the Spring), they bloom for like 15 minutes and promptly flop all over the ground for the rest of the summer.

So off with you.

I don't really have enough height in this bed right now, so I like rocks because they can give that sense of height that the perennials can't.  Here is the aforementioned boulder in its original location.

And after,

Grunting, sweating and cursing has been deleted because there might be women and children present.

What goes in the front?  Dont know I think it is going to be a combination of hostas, with maybe a little dwarf evergreen to give some year round color.

On the positive side as well, this boulder has been shielding this Heuchera from the sun since it was planted. I am really curious to see how it does now that it has a little more room to move around.

Two points if you realized the quote was from Shrek,

That'll do donkey

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  1. Gorgeous. I can't wait for my invitation to your picnic.

    Really, very nice.