Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Wat er" You talking about.

This morning as I was fiddling around the house,  It amazed me how much I deal with water and its problems,  Down in the basement its like being lost at sea.

A few days ago, a mysterious puddle appeared in the basement, seemingly without a source. However as the puddle got larger and larger it became obvious that a small pinhole leak had opened in the joint of an elbow.  This was irritation on multiple levels on one hand, this is something that (in theory) I could fix myself,  but it would entail violating my father's fundamental rule:


It would mean draining the water system. removing the old fitting and putting on a new one.  Had this been a problem in one of the upstairs bathrooms maybe, but this was the line for the whole house. 

$250 bucks later all fixed, BUT there remains a small puddle in the basement.

A few explanations... It still may be drying out.....


The dehumidifier may be leaking


It may be some sort of issue with the sump pump. 

A few weeks ago the the Dehumidifier iced up like a C-47 going over the Artic Circle.  That problem was resolved, but it still remains a suspect.

Then there is the sump pump which failed during the massive spring rains this year and flooded the basement.  Though fixed (and drained)  The water table below the house remains extremely high. On the positive side, the local birds enjoy playing in the little river the drainage makes out in the curb.

On the other side of the basement there is a leak in the basement wall which creates a puddle every time it rains.  This puddle was caused by a man made flood outside from the hose (which of course was leaking)

The crowning irony of all this is that during all of this reflecting, my main purpose in the basement was to fix a house so that I could get more water OUTSIDE.

How about you, what are your experiences?

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