Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday at home

A quiet weekend in New Jersey.

Finally got the vegetable garden started at long last, the always reliable Mora helped clear the weeds.  I got about two dozen roma tomatoes from my next door neighbor,  they were a little bit long and spindle but we planted about 17 of them.

On our way out someone at the community garden gave us about six HUGE celebrity tomatoes.  I dont know what kind that is, but still.    So far then this garden has proved to be a pretty good investment.

On top of that a bunch of miscellaneous gardening.  I cleared a bunch of daylillies.  a moved a giant rock.  cleared out some brush in the back forty and moved some hostas around.

Mora and I also are working on a little cooking video.  We shot everything over the weekend,  I just have to edit it a bit.

Stay tuned......

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