Friday, June 24, 2011

Grasshopper Pie

A video I made with Mora the other day.  Grasshopper pie is one of our family favorites,  Its pretty easy and I thought it would be fun to make with Mora.

Initially I made this video to do something fun with my daughter and to make something for this blog,  but when editing the video,   I also got to see how I interacted with my daughter during the course of the filming.

While filming this video was fun initially,  as it wore on we both got progressively more and more snippy.  It you notice there are some fairly significant cuts at the end where I remove my remonstrations of Mora.  I guess nothing particularly profound, but its funny how different your perceptions of an event can change when you have video. Reflecting back on it, I thought it was fun if somewhat time consuning project,  but looking particularly at the raw video,  I found myself getting irritated with the person talking in the video (me that is) and how I was overcorrecting Mora.

Did I learn anything?  Maybe.  Turning Mora into a little puppet for me was sort of cute, but I would have done better to either just jump in there with Mora and be a little more relaxed. We'll see, I am planning on doing another video with her this weekend,  We'll see how that one turns out.

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  1. These are Mora's comments not mine, yes I was a "little" bossy, and the video was a little long.