Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Farewell Noblest Dog in All of France

Just a few weeks ago, I did a short post on one of the most important people in my life.

This gal here.

Genny is short for Genevieve,  the dog from the Madeline books.  My daughter is Madeleine...

You get the picture.

We got Genny about a year after Mora was born,  my cousin Lisle, who works with dog breeders helped me pick her out.  He told me from the beginning that she was very special.

He was right.

She was  the sweetest and gentlest dogs I have ever known.  She loved people,  and was so docile that she could be walked without a leash pretty much anytime.  She found it slightly insulting whenever I put one on her.

She was also my best friend.  When I got separated,  I left with my clothes and Genny.

After being in a house that was always full of life and voices,  she was my only companion for the weeks when the kids were elsewhere. She was my companion on a lot of late night walks,

She came with me to work every day, and quickly learned everyone in the building who was giving with treats.  She managed to charm pretty much everyone.  In fact after I had left that position, she had become so popular that Genny continued to be brought in by someone else.

Over the last year or so she had started to slow down.  I wasn't sure what the cause was, (I still don't, not fully)  visits to the vet didn't come up with anything.  She seemed to be a little slow and creaky, then right back to her old self, retrieving tennis balls from the pool, or stealing food from the counter when nobody was looking.

When she did start to deteriorate, it was stunningly rapid.  I had the longest day of my life last Saturday, driving between different veterinary hospitals on the North Fork of Long Island, trying to get my own vet on the phone and calling friends and family for advice.

Its hard to believe that shes gone.

Genny, thanks for being there for me pal,  there is never going to be another anything like you.

Not even close.

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