Monday, July 4, 2011

Mex in the city

It was a rare free weekend for Krissy and me. Things are so busy with kid stuff and regular summer plans. Plus this little wedding thing. We haven't had too much free time lately.

Things have been tough for krissy lately. She's had this whole "I am going to be stuck in New Jersey for the rest of my life" thing going for a while. So we decided to take in a weekend in her apartment in NYC. Krissy's apartment is near Grammercy Square.  Its a fun area with a lot of bars and restaurants and fun places to visit.


First stop on Saturday was the Hester Street Fair. It was a bit hipster for me but cute first we stopped at this little Mexican place for tacos.

With my taco, I had this Mexican style corn on the cob slathered in mayo and cheese with chili powder mixed in. It was seriously yummo

Then we made our way to a little Mexican place for paletas which are Mexican popsicles. The only problem was that they all were a tad froo froo for me.  I opted for Pineapple with lime which I hoped minimized the weirdness factor.

It didnt.

It figures, I had wanted my ice heated not chilled anyway.

We had a nice walk back to her apartment  I saw this frog along the way which I am including because I like frogs.

Dinner that night was at the Mermaid Inn on Second Avenue

I did a little visual homage to Stanley Kubrick in Barry Lyndon

Gazpacho mmm
Krissy had this itty bitty Mac and Cheese.
This is my lobster sandwich, it was awesome.

After Dinner, we got these little fortune teller fish.

My fish moved its head and tail (In love)
Krissy's curled up entirely (Passionate)

Right on both counts

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  1. Your dinner is making me smile.

    Smiling fish are crazy.