Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Enormous Pink Houses for You and Me.....

with apologies to John Cougar (sorry, I'm not buying into that whole Mellencamp thing)

This place isnt exactly an architectural masterpiece, but you kind of are interested in the view out, not the view in.

Anyway, my parents, my Sister and her family, plus my crew and obviously Krissy are heading down here next week.  The only real problem is that it is a beau coup long ride down from here at exit 42A.

Hopefully it will be a long wholly uneventful week full of reading trashy novels, playing gin rummy, fishing crabbing and afternoon naps.

We are turning off the internet as well (wish me luck with that).

My only real plans for next week are to hopefully spend some time with Krissy, we have both been nuts with wedding and work stuff.  On the  last trip to the beach, she seemed a tad intimidated by the surf, hopefully she's over that. 

My only other plan is to sit down with my Mom and Dad and spend some real time talking to them.  I read recently about an oral history project, that people are doing with their parents and loved ones,  I thought it would be interesting to do with mine as well.

So where are we going?  One hint, it is the setting for a Richard Gere, Diane Lane vehicle.

Any ideas?

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