Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Mystery Bush an Update

A week or so ago, I  made this post about a mystery bush on the border between my neighbors property and mine.

Some well-informed folks over at gardenweb have informed me that my mystery bush is none other than......


A European Honeysuckle

So there you go.

But it also turns out that this is an extremely invasive species that has been running amok all over the east coast and crowding out all of our native plants.  and its true after I had sort of learned to identify it,  it really does appear all over the place.

Multiple websites exist whose only concern is how to get rid of it.  


They have even introduced the European Honeysuckle Aphid,  its natural enemy in hopes of getting rid of it.  This all tells me one thing.

This sucker is badass.

European Honeysuckle I like your style.

I'm keeping it.


  1. How on Earth did you make European Honeysuckle suspenseful? Nice job.

    I feel Asparagus Fern should be eradicated in its place. Have you read my testicle piece, Dave?

    Ahem. I mean "testes."

  2. I did, and I have to say I am intrigued with these ferns (not the whole test.. thing) but they sound like interesting ferns as well. We don't have them on the right coast. (yet)