Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hew a few yew?....... or would you eschew?

The Yew is a funny plant.

Its rapid growth makes it excellent for formal hedges and topiaries and it is also popular as a fast growing shrub for putting into landscapes.

It is also a serious pain in the butt.

The reason is simple,  Most landscapes treat a yew like a shrub.  it is in fact a tree.

Here's an example.

So this prolific monster is constantly being stuffed into little tiny mickey mouses and shrubs.

All of this is well and good if you in fact want a Hula Dancing Hippopotamus, but I tend to be a bit more natural is my approach.  Plus I have the fine motor of someone going through D.T.s  So for me trimming yews is a big pain in the neck.

These are my shrubs...

They're challenging,  because there just isn't enough room for them.  The sidewalk is too close and keeping them a decent distance from the walk without cutting all of the green off has been challenging.

A similar problem exists in the back where they are awfully close to the laundry room door.

And then there is this lumpy one that is well.... there.  (this might make a decent dancing hippo)

So what would you do?

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