Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Down with the Battery

Upon hearing this title, Krissy told me "you're such a dork", but she was smiling when she said it.

I told her, "yeah, but im your dork"

Wednesday we went to the tasting at Battery Park gardens for the upcoming nuptials this September. I shouldn't say this as Krissys mom is beginning to get a little queasy at the size of this wedding, but if you're invited and don't make it, you're missing out. This is going to be a pretty serious event.  How big,  alternate side parking hasn't been suspended yet, but talks are under way.

First up was wine tasting. I might have drank all of this wine, but then again I might have had a few more.  This was a tough job, but someone had to do it. 

Then there came up the food tasting.  I would have taken picture of all of the stuff we tried, but my phone battery went dead.  We wound up picking beef medallions and seabass for the main courses. 

To date every one of my wedding suggestions have been kiboshed by Anne and Krissy so they let me pick the fish.  Wedding Guests will not be disappointed with my choice.

The views were pretty nice as well

Staten island ferry.

The lady in the harbor. I have iron good authority that the guy who looks like he is puking over the rail did not just finish eating at our restaurant.

The old ferry terminal

One of my fathers better stories concerns this terminal.  Actually come to think of it two of his stories concern ferries.  I'll save those for another time though.