Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not a fluke

When we were kids my Dad used to take us fishing in south jersey. My grandparents had a place down at Mystic Island and my father had a boat.


A lot of great memories. Except for the fact that that boat was more tempermental than Bobby knight after 3 cups of coffee....

To avoid that problem now we hire a boat for the day.

We had a slight change of lineup today. Alex was on the DL due to a recent tonsilectomy. So instead we were accompanied by the redoubtable Mora. I thought it would be a great chance to give her a fishing lesson.

Turns out she gave me the lesson.

Final count:

Mora 9

Dave 2

My father and the guy we hired the boat from added about a dozen apiece.

They took pity on me and gave me a fish to hold.

On the positive side I got a nice tan.
I also got about a dozen flounder fillets to bring home. Ill have a post on that later this week

My favorite part of the day was the the ride home.

Last fall when we made this trip, Dad drove home. As he drove I noticed how uncomfortable he was behind the wheel. To me it was the first sign that he was becoming ill.

He got pretty sick over the winter and it was touch and go for a while. He came through with flying colors. But one down side was that he wasn't allowed to drive anymore. That would have driven me crazy but he took it with aplomb

So back to this year, we were driving home. After a day driving to PA yesterday then an early morning drive to the shore today, and a day fishing in the hot sun, I was dog tired. My father noticed how much I was struggling to stay awake. And nonchalantly offered to drive.

He explained that he has just been medically cleared to drive again. With some trepidation. I let him take the wheel concerned it would be like the Ferrari scene from Scent of a Woman

He did fine. It was really like coming full circle after the trip last year.

Now do I tell my mom if I let him drive.

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