Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where to begin....

The last fourteen days were hectic to say the least.....

Let me just say this,  the Malones know how to party.
This was not just a wedding, this was a multi day event.

Things got kicked off of Thursday, for the bachelorette dinner/party  at Buddakan in New York.

I was there merely as chauffeur for Maddie and Mora for the G rated portion of the evening. Thrilled to find on street parking,  I sat in the car and listened to the baseball game while they got things rolling.

After that I took the kids home and Krissy and her bridesmaids went to sing Karaoke.  At least this is what she claims.  Since I have known Krissy she has "claimed" that she could sing.  But every time she has a chance to show her stuff,  something mysteriously happens to mess it up.

So she finally goes out to Karaoke when she knows I can't make it.

Coincidence.... I think not.

The following night, I joined Krissy and a subdued and slightly green tinged bunch of bridesmaids for Krissy's birthday dinner at Otto in Greenwich Village.  Now for anyone who wants to go to a restaurant run by a celebrity chef, but doesn't have the scratch, go to Otto.  Its run by Mario Battali and features a variety of reasonably priced pastas and pizzas.  They are awesome too.  I had the cauliflower pizza, which was pretty darn good.  I picked up the tab for about eight people and it wasn't a wallet altering experience.

It did help that Krissy and her Bridesmaids were mysteriously abstaining that evening.

It also has this train stationy announcement board which tells you when your table is going to be ready.  I told Krissy I was surprised so many Italians were eating there that night.

She (gently) pointed out that these were all towns in Italy and not actual patrons names.

It could be that too.....

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