Thursday, September 15, 2011


It has been said by some that I am a teensy bit absent minded......

When I was in college I roomed with a guy named Bucky.  Bucky had a habit of walking around the dorms and picking  stuff up and walking off with it.  He wasn't like a kelpto,  If he wandered into your room he might start  using a pen, or reading a magazine and then wander off without remembering where he got it.

Most people were OK with it because while Bucky always wandered in and took something, I usually left something  behind so it worked out about even.

I think it is perfectly natural to sometimes forget a thing or two every now and then......

"Its the size 14"

I mean if you leave a shoe behind like I did on Sunday every now or then at a hotel all you have to do is call back and get it.

And if your wife's birtyday present is with the shoe, well that will turn up too.

"That's me officer, really"
And if you forget your drivers license when you fly to California on Monday,   your marriage license, auto registration and Costco card serve as a fine replacement.  Besides I didn't find the pat down from Homeland Security the slightest. bit intrusive. 

"Can you ship to Parsippany?"
And if you left your garment bag in California on Saturday, well, just call UPS to ship it.  I am on very good terms with UPS these days.

It's just going to take Krissy a while to get used to this.

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