Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Saturday was a day of running around doing way too many last minute errands, picking up forgotten tuxedo accessories,  writing checks.  packing for the honeymoon.  It should have all taken about 45 minutes.

It took hours (or at least seemed like it).

Finally we got everyone packed and loaded into the car,  my Mom's dog Pokey was deposited with the dog sitter and by all accounts had a tremendous time and became a minor internet celebrity for a day or two.

Krissy and I picked Labor Day weekend for the wedding for a couple of reasons.  Number one we could get the day for the place. Secondly the off day on Monday would give everyone time to enjoy the party and get home without having to rush out Sunday night.  Lastly because it seemed that summer holidays are normally so quiet in the city.  Most New Yorkers head out to the beach or the mountains and lines become shorter, parking becomes more available and its generally a very pleasant time to be in New York.

Not so this weekend.

I don't know for sure, but I am guessing it had something to do with the 10th anniversary of September 11th but the city was nuts all weekend.  People battled monster traffic to get through the bridges and tunnels. Where we were staying at the World Trade Center was a mob scene from Friday all the way to Sunday.

To make a long story short I would up being late to my own rehearsal dinner.   We were caravanning with my father and came to a dead stop on the approach to the Holland Tunnel. Fortunately Dad grew up in this area and quickly took command taking us on a shortcut to the Lincoln Tunnel, which was was no picnic, but at least moving.  I think if things got really bad, he was ready to start taking us through peoples back yards.

Stone Street Tavern
Fortunately for me, pretty much everyone was late, except my friend Eric who had traveled from Texas for the wedding and Krissy's Uncle Red who had flown in from Florida.  Dinner was at Stone Street Tavern downtown which is on  a block of old Federalist era buildings which have all been turned into bars and restaurants. 

Stone Street
The only problem is that it is a little hard to find.  At least for the computer generation.  You see Stone Street Tavern isn't actually on Stone Street.  Well it is but Stone Street isn't technically a street. Its been turned into an outdoor pedestrian mall and hasn't seen a car in years.  As such  GPS has a bit of trouble finding it.

Arent we adorable

Initially it was my responsibility to find a place for the rehearsal dinner, but I well fell flat.

Krissy does do this for a living.  A few e-mails with the PWC letterhead and we were back in business.

Two of my groomsmen and the ring bearer

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