Friday, September 2, 2011

Just One Day......

Frank, Gene and Jules did, Can they?
Note My Friend Eric is coming with his Daughter Elizabeth from Texas and asked for a list of things that they could see in  just one day.  Well since I am sitting here going nuts waiting for this wedding, this is the perfect thing to waste an hour on.

Do you think they can do it in just one day?

Fraunces Tavern
On Saturday night you will be on Stone Street which is the heart of what remains of the old federal portion of NYC from the early 19th century. You may also want to take a look at Fraunces Tavern where Washington gave his farewell address. Its just around the corner and still in operation.

On Sunday Morning we will be at World Trade Center site. Since we are staying at the Millennium,  you should get a look right into the WTC pit. You can see 7 World Trade which is the only building which is now finished. If your hotel room overlooks the site, you should also be able to get a look at the new buildings still under construction as well as the 9-11 memorial which is scheduled to open in about a week.

Now leave the WTC site and head north up Church Street to Chambers. You want to take the 1 or 2 subway Uptown to 79th Street. This is the Upper East Side

You wanted to get bagels I would suggest you go to Zabars. This is on Broadway around 80th. Again for the movie connection it was in the movie You’ve Got Mail. If you want to get bagels and Lox this is your place. They have a lot of other stuff too, although I am not sure if they have any seating.

Museum of Natural History
From there. I would suggest you head East on 80th Street toward Central Park. On your way you will hit the New York Museum of Natural History. Its probably the most famous museum in the city (Night at the Museum) and its pretty amazing. If you get all the bells and whistles you may have to pay an arm and a leg but if you get the no-frills tour I think you can get in and out for a donation. You can spend all day there, but you might want to spend an hour or two.

You can to this way.....

Met Museum of Art
From there if you continue East you can wander through Central Park. There is a lot of famous stuff there. You might want to go one of two ways. Go all the way across the Park, that will take you to Fifth Avenue. If you go north a few blocks you will run into the massive Metropolitan Museum of Art. Again if you read carefully this is just a donation to enter. Or you can just go in admire the lobby and leave.

You may want to head South on Fifth Avenue. This is where the Upper East Side, where all of the wealthiest people in NYC live. Zabars was on the Upper West side. You will see a lot of big apartment houses. As you keep going South on fifth you will see a lot of the famous stores in NYC. FAO Schwartz, the Apple Store, Bergdorf Goodmans. If you keep going you can go all the way down to the New York Public Library which is also pretty famous. Take a left onto 42nd street to go to Times Square.

Or This way, both end at Times Square

Instead of going down fifth you can walk through the park. As you are crossing try to sort of make your way Southward. You should pass central Park Lake which is pretty famous.

Eventually you will find yourself at the Southern End of the Park on 59th Street. I would try to make your way to Sixth Avenue. At 56th  and 7th ave you will see Carnegie Deli which is a very famous NYC deli.

You will pass Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Plaza. Go to 42nd Street and head west. You will see Times Square, Its pretty hard to miss.

At this point it may be getting a little late. If it is you can find the NQR train at 42nd and Broadway and take it back down to the Millenium to get ready. If Not Take the NQR one stop to 34th St and switch to the  ACE.

Take the ACE downtown to West 4th St. This is Greenwich Village. I would suggest you take take Washington Place East toward Washington square. You will start to walk through the NYU campus.  Eventually you will find yourself at Washington Square where you can look at the Arch.

From the Arch Head directly South and you will find yourself on Thompson Street, which is a very famous Village Street. At this point I would start walking mostly South and little bit East, As you head south you will go through both the village and then into Soho. South of Houston. This is a commercial area with some pretty nice stores.

If you keep going you will hit Canal Street, the counterfeit goods capitol of the world. If you hit Canal start going East, if you hit Broadway, Start going South. At Canal and Broadway You will hit the NQ again. Get on the train and head downtown back to Fulton Street. WTC.  You are back at the Millennium

On your walk to the wedding you can walk to the wedding and still see more stuff. Alternatively if you are running late you can always try to walk home from the reception and see it then.

The walk from the Millenium to the reception is about twenty minutes.  Leave the hotel and walk south on Broadway.  This is the canyon of heroes where they have held like a bazillion ticker tape parades.  The parades arent as frequent any more, but you can see them commemorated in the bronze placques on the sidewalks as you head farther downtown.

You will pass Trinity Church on the right.  This is a colonial era church and is famous from the National Treasure movies.

You are going to pass Wall Street.  I don't know if you have time but the NYSE is at the corner of Broad and Wall

A little farther down you will pass Bowling Green which is where the Bull Statue is located.

Finally you will hit Battery Park.  As you pass the park you will see the Sphere.  This is a sculpture which sat at the world trade center site,  Despite the damage it sustained from September 11th.  It is still whole.

And  once you are at the venue at the end of the battery you will see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

That’s about it. I tried to hit some of the major areas. I think depending on how fast you go, this will take you about 6-10 hours. At any time if you get rushed you can always hop in a cab and head back to the hotel. It should only take about ten minutes to get here.

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