Sunday, August 7, 2011

Up on the roof

True to my word,  last week, I went on vacation and I tried to stay off the internet as much as possible.  But I am back now and for all five of you Exit 42A fans I have a few dispatches to put together.  First up, the trip down. 
 This is my car carrier.  I kind of like how it looks up on the roof of my car,  it just sort of screams out vacation (at least to me it does)  Krissy thinks its kind of geeky.  I must admit that I did have it on for a while last year.  She does seem a little bit happier with it as it will be used for her to bring home her booty from her bridal shower next week.

 For those who haven't done it the trip to the Outer Banks is a long one,  even longer if you have three siblings sitting across from one another in the back seat.  To make things a little bit shorter, we broke it up a bit,  we left last Friday from Exit 42A and first stopped off at my sisters in Washington Crossing to drop off Alex at my sisters.   

Before we left my Sisters son Mack asked Alex if his testicles had grown back.

We had to explain to him that his tonsils was the thing he had removed.  (He seemed disappointed) 

Alex rode down with Mom and Dad. 

Having eased the demographics somewhat.  We then proceeded down to Maryland to visit my friends Peter and Jean at their new house in Maryland.  This is why I have these two as my best friends:  Despite the fact that they were moving and their kitchen was being redone,  they welcomed us with open arms. 

In honor of our trip through Maryland
We encamped there for the night and then proceeded further South to Rocky Mt North Carolina where we picked up Maddies friend Verity who accompanied us for the week.  Verity is one of my dauthters nicest friends and she was a pleasure to have along all week long.  Her grandparents were a hoot as well.  I almost wanted to bring them with me too.

Finally after sprinting through the peanut farms and cotton fields in North Carolina (and trying to assuage Krissy's hankering for Chick-Fil-A), we finally found outselves at the Outer banks.  Thats it for now,  I'll hopefully put together another post tomorrow about goings on down in Rodanthe. 

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