Friday, August 26, 2011

Come on Irene.....

I'm kind of thinking that this Hurricane needs a theme song. 

Can Dexi's midnight runners really be doing anything??

(Caution Big Hair Ahead)

Come on Irene,
You’re wrecking the East
On this Sunday
You’ll flood  everything, 
With us in  distress
I'm doing my best
to stay upbeat
Ah come on Irene...............

(This is around the time Krissy usually calls me a dork)

Its hard to figure out at this point how much people are over reacting.  I am looking out my window and the sun is shining. Its a pleasant if muggy August afternoon. But panic still reigns.  The store shelves are empty.  

My coworker who bought like a dozen bottles of water asked me what I would do if we ran out of water.....

"It looks like we are just going to have to drink beer,  its a sacrifice but one I'm willing to make."

So yeah, I am being a little silly about this.  But its rain people,  just rain.  besides I don't live near the water, so whats the worst thing that could happen........

Except for this place 
Battery Park Gardens



I think I have a new final verse.....

With us in  distress
I'm doing my best
to stay upbeat  
Ah come on Irene...............

 to fill sandbags...

On the Battery....... 

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