Monday, August 8, 2011

Flipping Out

We finally made it to our destination on Saturday at about 5PM.  My parents who took the direct root down the Delmarva Peninsula beat us by about an hour.  We had to wait about an extra hour while the cleaning people finished tidying up the place.

Pointless aside follows, 

What is the deal with Delmarva Peninsula.  I mean think about some of the great Peninsulas in this wide world of ours,  the Yucatan peninsula,  the Promontorio del Gargano in Italy  even in Michigan they have the Upper Peninsula,  It just seems that the name being an acronym seems just a bit... by committee.  

I for one nominate this regions most famous resident as its namesake as a much more suitable moniker

 Perhaps they could even rename chicken fingers as a chicken peninsulas....

 Useless aside over. 

They had a lot of these things up on the wall.

Guess what the place was called?


and as big as it looked in the picture,  it looked even bigger in real life.  How big is it.  can you see my nephew Mack in the photo at the left?

Here he is.

The really wonderful thing about these places is that they are so big though.  We fit 12 people comfortable into this house and probably had room for a few more.  It also had an elevator, which was good for my Dad, who is having some trouble with stairs these days.  It also made for endless excitement with kids getting stuck in the elevator.

Kids riding unaccompanied in the elevator was quickly forbidden.

I had always wanted to get a shore place as an investment,  after seeing all of these signs, I'm not so sure any more.  (I may want to go into foreclosures though, that seems to be a booming business)

 Dinner was my responsibility for Saturday night,  one of the great things about these family trips is that my sister Laura and I split the cooking,  (the other really great part is that Krissy does most of my cooking, but that's another story).  We spent about half an hour calling a local pizza place and then after getting non-stop busy signals just went there.

Pretty much everyone in line had the same story as us, they couldn't get through,  the staff in the  front just cheerfully announced that Saturday was their busy night and they just couldn't get to all the calls.

Translation: This is the south yankee, deal with it.

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