Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Runyon" on Empty

I was going to post the final dispatch from the outer banks today, but Maddie absconded with my camera for a trip to Hershey Park with her mother.

The first concourse at Yankee Stadium

When we returned from the Outer Banks both Krissy and I were dog tired.  we basically went to bed the moment we came in the door.  However back when the date was still far far away, Krissy had signed us for a 5K through Yankee Stadium for the day after we got back.  I was part of the walking contingent and Krissy was running.

Damon Runyon
It was in honor of this guy,

Ever hear of Guys and Dolls (that guy).

How did this guy get a cancer foundation named after him?

See that thing in his right hand that's how. 

However ideas conceived of in April,  don't seem quite so appealing in August,  It was raining off and on that morning, and we kind of decided that if it was raining we weren't going to go.  Never mind that this event was actually inside.  There was just a touch of rationalizing going on here.

Finally we got a call from Krissy's Mom basically giving us a kick into the pants and we rolled into the city.

Now a few items for those out there who don't know me,  I am basically one of those people who is built for power rather than speed.  translation I don't run.

My knees have always been bad as well so the closest I usually get to running is riding my bike.  This was the first 5K I EVER participated in in my life so it was a little disquieting to be around so many people who were actually in shape.

The Great Hall at the Stadium
The original plan was for us walkers (Krissy's mom and I) to go around 11:30 and Krissy and Jen to go an hour earlier, but we were able to go at the same time.

Suddenly I found myself in a corridor with a bunch of actual runners.

Question to runners: what is all that hootin and hollerin about?  You guys make a lot of noise while just standing around there waiting.

Funny thing, when we finally started, I got a little caught up in the moment and actually ran.  Ignore the fact that Krissy and Jen rather quickly smoked me.  I was dashing (actually more like rumbling) along.  Chariots of fire music playing.

It lasted for about a half mile.

Still it was pretty cool.

Eventually I found Krissy "lingering" in one of the stairwell  around 3/4 of the way through, and we raced each other for about the last 200 yards.

She beat me.

But look out, I am going to be trying this again, so we'll see what happens next time.

Plus I got this little doo-dad which Mora was awfully glad to have.

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