Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In a Pig's Eye

Sorry for being so slow in posting,  between work, wedding plans and some pesky computer issues, I have had problems posting over the last few days....

Someone who was reading this blog was slightly curious as to the stuff that Krissy and I have been receiving for wedding presents gifts.  As I said some of these, at least to my mind are slightly......redundant.

So I figured that I would show a few of these items  and let the people decide for themselves.

Today's item is this.......

The Salt Pig

This is  a pig.  A salt pig to be more precise is for holding salt so that you dont have to take the time to take the salt out of the cupboard and pour it out, you can just reach in and chuck it into what you are cooking,

Which is much better.

Now let me be clear we have other salt dispensers.

There is this guy

and this guy

and this guy, which used to sit on top of the refrigerator in my grandparents house.

Useless aside follows:

For any of my Hill cousins who wondered why old Salty and Capn Pepper were always on top on the refrigerator,  they are what the Italians refer to as fragile'.  They are made of this very lightweight plaster. Old Salty has been through the mill (not the salt mill)  a bit over the last few years.

Capn Pepper,  well.... he's on the DL at the moment.

What is really troubling is that  we filled a "pig" with Kosher Salt.

I gotta think somewhere out there a rabbi is turning over in his grave.


  1. Oh Dave. You have no idea what you've been missing. :)

  2. The Salt Pig rocks! But no on will ever replace Ol' Salty. HE IS THE MAN!

  3. Hey Jules thanks for the blog comment!