Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shake Rattle and Roll.....

So where were you..........

I was at my office in downtown NYC.  I had skipped lunch so when the first vibrations hit, I thought "man I am getting lightheaded."  Then the shaking continued and you could feel the floor rolling, thats the best way I can think of to describe it.  My guess is that the building is designed that way to sort of distribute the energy

7 WTC from SE of the Pit
Now I work in 7 World Trade Center which is the only building so far to be rebuilt after 9-11,  so we tend to take these sort of things very seriously.  Everyone did their best "feets dont fail me now" impression and headed downward (fast)  the whole building was empty in like five minutes it seemed.

7 WTC from the Park where we were milling about

Then we got outside and bupkus,  it was a beautiful summers day.  We stood around for a few minutes and kind of looked at each other not sure of what to do.

Guards at 7 WTC front desk
Finally after like ten minutes me ant the head of IT walked over the men working the desk and asked them if the building was still evacuated.

Now I dont know who hired the guys who work the desk at the 7 World Trade Center, but they are tough looking, but tough in sort of a dignified way.  Sort of like Secret Service Agents.  I think if it really does ever hit the fan those guys are probably going to pull Uzi's out from behind the counter and start taking charge.

So anyway I asked one of the guard if the building was still evacuated, he replied somewhat disdainfully  "the building never WAS evacuated"

So figuring as I was the senior person there I was the first back up.

I dont know about you but the first thing I did was google "earthquake".  and up popped

I didnt do this until recently so VA is on the bottom

Like it was HAL from 2001 speaking to me.

The world went on, the news outlets basically reported that there was no news and everyone just expressed shock at what had happened.

It was a nice day.  Sort of like a natural disaster on the Brady Bunch where you get a little scared, but everything works out in the end.

We could use a few more disasters like that.

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