Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Day (Finally)

Mora Looking out the window at the light
I never did get my camera back, but I noticed that Maddie posted most of the pictures on Facebook the other day.  Plus I had Krissy's pics as well.

Our last day was probably the most pleasant days of week.  The weather finally moderated a little bit and we ventured down to Hatteras to see the lighthouse.

Verity Mora and Maddie

Here are the girls at the lighthouse.  I haven't said much about Verity, my daughters friend, who accompanied us on this trip.  But she was an absolute pleasure.  She kept Maddie company throughout the week and cheerfully took on any chore we asked her to do.  The closest to trouble they got into was seeing a teenager surreptitiously smoking on one of their walks.

After we returned from this outing her Aunt picked her up and they headed home.  Verity is moving to Hawaii in the fall and she will be much missed.


We made the trek to the top for the view, which was spectacular.  Mora was ready to give up, but when we showed her we were almost at the top.  She persevered and made it with flying colors.

Krissy stayed at the bottom.

This is Krissy from the top of the lighthouse.  She is wearing blue and has a pink bag.

You're going to have to trust me on this one.  She's there.

Junior Ranger Mora
After the trek up the hill we stopped off in the visitor center.  Mora became an honorary Park Ranger.

Maddie and Verity thought the regular ranger was dreamy.

And that was about it.  It was a quiet day.  and we packed up Friday night and headed out early on Saturday morning.

I got a tired sleepy crew into the car for the ride home and turned on the ignition


Now this was a problem; none of us had jumper cables and as this is the Outer Banks, there is NOTHING open at 5AM.  Finally after looking around for about a half another we found another vacationer loading his car for the trip home who did have cables.

We were able to restart the car and as we were getting ready to return the cables, we found our good Samaritan driving down the street with his family.  We thanked him profusely and parted ways, but not before Maddie looked as his passengers and shouted,

"Hey Dad, that's the kid who was smoking the other day"

I'm sure he had a good ride home.

We returned at about 5PM and dropped the kids off at their Mother's house, returned home and fell asleep.  Its only a been a week and a half, but I am already dreaming about next year's trip.

That and the honeymoon.....

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