Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girl Christmas

Maddie did not help set up these tables
Things are slowly but surely heating up for the upcoming nuptials.  We were over at Krissy's Mom's on LI over the weekend for the bridal shower as well as to pick out the wedding bands.

As always everything was beautifully done by Krissy's Mother.  Alex and I did most of the heavy lifting setting up.

Mora took advantage of a few free minutes to take a quick dip.  It was a tad colder than in the OBX  (Maddie left my camera at a friends house so I still don't have the last few OBX pics btw).

Maddie took a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful weather......

Before Mora intervened.

Being as this is a girl thing Alex and I were quickly banished which was fine with us. We went for lunch at the American Cafe in Glen Cove.  Alex had a bacon cheese burger

(he always has a bacon cheeseburger)

Upon returning, they continued to open presents for a while before Alex and I were able to load the car for the trip home.  There is a LOT of stuff. 

This is the guest room where we are temporarily keeping the wedding/shower/engagement gifts.

It sort of feels like the wedding edition of Hoarders.

A lot of this stuff I didnt even know I needed.  Like this bad boy.  This is a pancake pen which greatly simplifies the pancake making process.

Previously one had to mix the batter in a bowl then ladle it onto the griddle.  Now you mix the batter in the bowl.  ladle it into the very small opening in the bottle then you squirt it onto the griddle.  Which is easier.

Me thinks Mora is going to use this as a squirt gun

I will admit this stuff is giving a me little pause.  When I got divorced, I basically lost all of my stuff.  While it was kind of tough losing so much stuff, it was freeing in that I learned not to really care about things and it made me cherish the relationships that I had a lot more than the stuff (since I didnt have any :-) )  It also gave me a chance to appreciate how generous  people are.

But now the stuff is back (with a vengeance), but I sort of like the person who has it all.

So its worth it.

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